I’m Déborah and I believe that the search for the right problem is a key factor to build something great! Because of that I like to learn things from many fields besides Computer Science (Design, Business and Psychology for example).

I think I do my best work when I create and develop ideas that connect things from different areas, like that time I won the Azure Machine Learning Award by using a model to help kids with math. Or when I created an app to develop the suburbs of my city (Recife, Brazil) using tourism and was admitted into the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

I like to pick new gigs and projects based on four things: projects that are meaningful; projects that make sense; projects that have something that resonates with who I am; and projects where I will be able to learn and grow from. 😁

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Let’s talk! I write on Medium,  Twitter and here are my LinkedIn and my Github profiles.